Father’s Day

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21, 2015.  We all have a dad, whether we know him or even choose to honor him.  This Father’s Day, choose to honor “A” Dad, whether it’s yours or someone else’s.  There are lots of fine men in the world that are good examples to others and should be celebrated.  Find a dad to recognize and thank for their leadership or the love they show to others.  If YOU are a dad, I wish you a Happy Father’s Day.  I have lots of friends who are dads and do a wonderful job with their kids.  My adoptive father has been gone for many years.  I’ve not yet found my biological father.  But as I said, there are many great fathers to be honored and recognized.  Happy Father’s Day, to one and all.
We are offering 50% off our Paul Mitchell Men’s Haircare and TeaTree Lines now through Father’s Day.  Treat the dad in your life to some terrific products.

Back to School Haircut

Busy Busy, Busy…………does that sound like your family getting ready with all of your Back to School activities and preparations?  Well don’t forget the haircut!  Getting your child’s hair cut is all part of the Back to School preparation.  Check out our facebook page for our B2S Special!  (  Then, after the kids are back to school Moms & Dads, why not treat yourself to a little pampering?  You deserve it.  It was a long, hot summer and you could use a little time to relax and do something for You (minus the kids) for a change!  We’ll soon be working on something SPECIAL, just for You!  Just watch our facebook page for details.  As always, See You @ The Salon!



Cold Flashes affecting your hair?

Mother Nature seems to be Having Cold Flashes!

So how’s Mother Nature’s Cold Flashes seem to be effecting Your hair?  I have curly hair and my hair really responds well to cold weather. It does not, however, enjoy all of this rain we have been experiencing! Curly hair, tends to get curlier and/or frizzy when there is too much moisture in the air. Cooler air that is dry, seems to have a nice calming effect on curly hair.  I know lots of women that enjoy that effect of winter. The fact that they are not suffering from frizzy hair is a huge bonus!   So, do you do anything to defend yourself against weather hair? Do you carry an umbrella? Or do you simply wear a hat?


See You @ The Salon,
Lisa Your Stylist

Game Day…….Hat Day?

Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday.

Are you looking forward to it? Will you be wearing your favorite jersey? Will you spend time fixing your hair or do you plan to simply don a hat? A lot of people get into full swing by wearing either a team jersey from one of the playing teams or their favorite team. And so many people just don’t bother doing their hair and simply throw on a hat for the day.

Are you in that crowd?

Or will you take the time to do something special with your hair? Or are you one of those crazy, radical fans that will color their hair in support of the team with team colors? Share your photos of your enthusiasm on our Facebook page.

The Gift Bags Are Coming!

The Gift Bags Are Coming, The Gift Bags Are Coming, The Gift Bags Are Coming!  Refer all your friends to the Salon & they will receive an awesome gift bag, full of goodies from various local businesses. If you come in WITH your referral, you will receive one as well!  What are you waiting for?  The time is Now!  See You @ The Salon…..

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year!

2014 for ME is going to be about Change.  We plan to grow our team of FABULISTS at The Salon to create more Fabulism in our community!  Last year was about getting fit and healthy and I plan to continue with my Lifestyle Change.  This year I plan to Love Myself, so I can better love other people.  As I set out to better Myself, I encourage you to do the same!  Stop in and share a cup of coffee with us at Salon Uptown Downtown!  We’d love the company and you’ll love the positive atmosphere!  See You @ The Salon…..

New Year 2014

Christmas is over, the year is coming to an end, it’s time to reflect & get ready for the New Year. The New Year always brings change. What is it that you’d like to change?Each year, lots of people decide to join a gym, work out, get fit, etc. But do they stick with it?  Set some realistic goals for yourself, then stick with them. Consider a new look for yourself, whether it’s a new Do, change in hair color or even switching hair products. Treat yourself to an occasional new outfit or pair of shoes. Doing things FOR you, can only improve your self esteem and give you a Positive Mental Attitude. Take a Happy Selfie & post it on our Facebook wall ( and write an encouraging caption to go with it! We’d love for you to join our Positive Movement into 2014.

Christmas Gifts

Ever wonder what to give somebody for Christmas? Ever have to give a gift to someone you hardly know? Ever get invited to a Gift Exchange with friends, coworkers or a club that you belong to? A Salon Uptown Downtown Gift Card is kind of the perfect idea. The gift of beauty is always good! The gift recipient can either get a wonderful service done or perhaps get some much needed hair products they may or may not go out an buy for themselves. While you’re at the Salon picking up those Gift Cards, why not treat yourself to an eyebrow wax or a fringe trim? Happy Holidays and take advantage of a COMPLIMENTARY $10 Gift Card for each $50 Gift Card purchased.